Table of Contents

Part I: Understanding the Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Process

1. Introduction: Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism

2. Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

3. The Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning


PART II: Developing Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Opportunities and Strategies

4. The Marketing Environment

5. Managing Customer Information to Gain Customers Insights

6. Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior

7. Organizational Buyer Behavior of Group Market

8. Customer Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers


PART III: Developing the Hospitality and Tourism Customer Value-Driven Strategy and Mix

9. Designing and Managing Products and Brands: Building Customer Value

10.  Internal Marketing

11.  Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value

12.  Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value

13.  Engaging Customers and Communicating Customer Value

14.  Public Relations and Sales Promotion

15.  Professional Sales

16.  Direct, Online, Social Media and Mobile


PART IV: Managing Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

17.  Destination Marketing

18.  Next Year’s Marketing Plan