Math ELL Applying, Enhancing and Assessing Practice Package

Learn how to apply Math ELL instructional strategies to your practice. The Applying Knowledge and Practice Packages includes the following:

  • Developing High Performance English Language Learners in the Common Core Math Classroom (3 dyas) helps teachers gain an understanding of the language demands of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), and explore scaffolds and instructional strategies that are designed to create independent English language learners (ELLs) who are college and career ready.
  • Building Strong Content Knowledge: Teaching for Deep Understanding (1 day) helps teachers break free of the typical ‘mile wide, inch deep’ math curriculum and incorporate tasks that promote the development of mathematical proficiency into their lessons.
  • Creating Classrooms of Self-directed Independent Learners: The 21st Century Math Classroom (1 day) helps teachers and coaches understand how classroom structures can support the development of effective mathematical processes and practices and provide support for ELLs and special needs students.
  • Modeling to Make Sense of Math (1 day) provide teachers with the background knowledge and tools to improve students’ ability to make sense of math and to use students’ mistakes and misconceptions to inform teaching.
  • Constructing Arguments and Justifying Reasoning: Improving Mathematical Discourse (1 day) provides teachers with tools and strategies to improve the level and type of mathematical discourse in their classrooms.
  • Fluency with Whole Numbers (2 days) helps teachers examine problem-based, student-centered approaches to developing fluency with whole numbers and ways to scaffold instruction for ALL students.
  • Consulting Day (1 day) can be used for your specific site or district goals or one of the following:
    • revisiting your implementation plan,
    • leadership planning and support, or
    • providing 1-1 or small group coaching*

Savvas’s consulting team will work with you to identify your specific needs.

Number of Days: 10
Number of Participants: 30 *Small group coaching accomodates up to 6 participants

Math ELL: Fluency with Fractions 2-day
Math Ell: Applying, Enhancing, And Assessing Practice Package 10-day