For AP Statistics courses

• The most cited text in the College Board’s AP® Statistics sample syllabi.

• Award-winning author team.

• Applauded for its readability—your students will read this book!

• Leads with practical data analysis and graphics, encouraging students to “do statistics” and “think statistically” from the start.

• New embedded AP practice exam items at the end of each part

• New added simulation feature to the end of each chapter

• New updated data sets and applications to further motivate and engage students

• TI-nSpireTM content integrated throughout the text, including margin pointers that describe the new calculator activities.

• Instructor Resource CD and ActivStats CD packaged with every new copy of the Teacher’s Edition.

• Fully updated AP teacher and student supplements including AP Statistics Test Prep Workbook, Teacher’s Edition, Teacher Solutions Manual, Printed Test Bank and Teacher Resource Manual, TestGen CD, and Graphing Calculator Manual.

• Companion Web site:

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