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ELD Companion digital and blended English Language Development is helping Grades 6–12 students across the nation reach grade level with high-interest reading topics, student choices, and a library of 3000+ titles.

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myPerspectives serves the needs of English Learners at the Emerging, Expanding, and Bridging Levels with a designated ELD solution—myPerspectives ELD Companion. The ELD Companion goes beyond ELD scaffolding and provides true ELD instruction that’s engaging, interactive, and relevant. Sharing several of the same authors with myPerspectives, ELD Companion builds on the myPerspectives themes and essential questions in every unit.

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The ELD Companion for Grades 6-12 includes every resource you need to support your students, including academic language lessons focusing on vocabulary development, extensive writing and phonics practice, and point-of-use support in the comprehensive Teacher’s Guide.