elevateScience™ Authors for Florida Educators

 Author Zipporah Miller, M.A.Ed.

Zipporah Miller, M.A.Ed.

Associate Exec. Director for Professional Programs and Conferences, National Science Teachers Assoc., Arlington, VA

Zipporah Miller, former K–12 science supervisor and STEM coordinator for the Prince George’s County (MD) Public School District, is NSTA’s associate executive director for professional programs and conferences. Zipporah has overseen curriculum development and staff training for more than 150 district science coordinators. Her commitment to providing high-quality professional development and resources to science educators and administrators nationwide has made her a respected leader in the science community.

Author Mike Padilla, Ph.D.

Mike Padilla, Ph.D.

Professor of Science Education, University of Georgia, Athens

A former middle school teacher and a leader in middle school science education, Michael Padilla has served as president of the National Science Teachers Association and as a writer of the National Science Education Standards. Michael Padilla is professor of science education at the Clemson University. As lead author of the Science Explorer series, Mike has inspired the team in developing a program that promotes student inquiry and meets the needs of today’s student.

Author Michael Wysession, Ph.D.

Michael Wysession, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Earth and Planetary Science, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

An author on more than 50 scientific publications, Dr. Wysession was awarded the prestigious Packard Foundation Fellowship and Presidential Faculty Fellowship for his research in geophysics. Dr. Wysession is an expert on Earth's inner structure and has mapped various regions of the Earth using seismic tomography. Internationally known for his work in geoscience education and outreach, Dr. Wysession is an Associate Professor in Earth and Planetary Science at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.