elevateScience™ K-5 for New York Educators

elevateScience™ for New York is a BRAND-NEW elementary curriculum, built from the ground up to consciously support and develop the critical innovations within both the NYSSLS and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). The program allows students to experience science up-close and personal, using real-world, relevant phenomena to solve project-based problems. Students will build strong reasoning skills and critical thinking strategies as they engage in explorations, formulate claims, and gather and analyze data that promote evidence-based arguments.

Alignment to the NYSSLS and NGSSM

We have developed a customized program to match the expectations of the New York State Science Learning Standards.

Properties of Matter cover

New York Sampak sticker

Customized for New York

As you focus on the NYSSLS we are there with you every step of the way in the Teacher's Edition, Student Edition, and online digital courseware.


Support for Project-Based Learning

New York elevateScience™ is a comprehensive K-8 science program that focuses on active, student-centered learning. In Grades K-5, look for the activities embedded right in the student text. 

Aligned to NY Assessment Expectations

Reading/EL Support

The Phenomena Series leveled readers teach the same concepts at different Lexile levels, and includes a STEM/Engineering reader for every topic.

Interactive Digital Options

With a single sign-on, you can access New York elevateScience™ as a fully customizable digital curriculum.