Economics: Principles in Action (California Edition)


Helping students build an essential, life-long understanding of core economics principles, Economics: Principles in Action, California Edition features motivating, hands-on activities, interactive graphics, animations, and videos to help build relevant economic literacy. MyStory videos, developed in partnership with NBC Learn, open each chapter and encourage California students to honor diverse perspectives and engage in the personal story of an individual whose life is related to the content. This program is 100% California standards-aligned and available in print, digital, and blended options.


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Inspire inquiry-based learning

Your students will embark on a Quest Team Project for each chapter, following the 4 part learning model: Connect, Investigate, Synthesize, Demonstrate. Each topic also opens with an Essential Question.

Inspire with primary sources

Primary sources are embedded throughout the text, and additional ones are at the end of each lesson. Scaffolded reading and analysis support prepares students for assessments.


Inspire literacy engagement

This workbook will help all students master rigorous narrative text by providing active learning and differentiated support through note-taking, reading strategies and vocabulary support, easy-to-read summaries of key content, and tools for Universal Access.

Inspire your Classroom

A brand new wraparound teacher’s edition puts teaching strategies, advice, and more at point of use. More teacher resources are available through Savvas Realize.


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