Features and Benefits

A student-focused pedagogy offers support and active learning opportunities

  • With What’s Your Geography activities, students reflect on their own experiences and behavior, and environments and histories, to connect human geography concepts to their personal lives and global patterns to their local geographies.
  • Research & Analyze activities in each chapter connect students to online tools and original data sources via Quick Response (QR) links, where they examine data and respond to critical-thinking questions.
  • Debate It presents two sides of a complex topic to engage students in active debate around the most critical topics of human geography today.
  • Cartography. All maps have been updated with the latest data from human geography.                
  • A structured learning path guides students through content that is visually engaging:
    • Chapter Openers use graphics and text to give a succinct preview of the entire chapter.
    • Every chapter opens with 4 Key Questions, which provide the structure for the chapter modules and ask students to take a bigger-picture approach to the concepts being presented.
  • Table of Contents presents Food and Agriculture before Developmentto better reflect how the course is often taught.
  • Review, Analyze, & Apply concludes each chapter with:
    • Thinking Geographically critical-thinking questions.
    • GeoVideo critical-thinking activities built around short videos in Mastering® Geography from the BBC.
    • Geospatial Analysis activities give students a chance to use exciting GIS-inspired MapMaster 2.0 geospatial media to build maps and explore geospatial data.
    • Explore activities send students on virtual field trips around the world through the power of Google Earth™.

Bold visualization, text, and spatial graphics bring concepts to life

  • The latest science, statistics, and associated imagery, including updates from the 2017 Population Reference Bureau World Population Data, are included. 

Contemporary topics and themes keep your course current

  • Political geography sections include information on Brexit, and US and European elections.