Table of Contents

Microsoft Word 2016

5. Using Advanced Formatting, Lists, and Charts

6. Using Reusable Content and Markup Tools

8. Working with Long Documents

9. Embedding and Linking Objects, Using Mail Merge, and Creating Macros

Microsoft Excel 2016

6. Managing Large Workbooks

7. Creating Charts, Shapes, and Templates

8. Creating Macros and Using Data Analysis Tools

9. Analyzing Data

10. Collaborating with Others and Preparing a Final Workbook for Distribution

Microsoft Access 2016

4. Customizing Tables and Databases

5. Developing Advanced Queries

6. Customizing Forms and Reports

7. Securing, Integrating, and Maintaining Data

Microsoft® PowerPoint 2016

5. Working with Masters, Handouts, and Text

6. Working with Graphic Objects, and Media

7. Finalizing and Sharing a Presentation