Digital Solutions

Mastering®, the most effective and widely used online assessment and tutorial system for AP®, Honors, & Electives science subjects. Mastering Chemistry has been designed with the single purpose of helping your students reach more moments of true understanding that lead to better results.

What’s available in Mastering?

  • Study Area with much of the same content you’ve grown to appreciate on the companion Web sites —including 3D animations, interactive activities, MP3 downloads, practice tests, and more.
  • Instructor Resources, such as Instructor Manual, Test Bank files art and figures, chapter lecture outlines, and more.
  • A complete eText of the Student Edition, with powerful interactive and customization functions.
  • Self-paced, subject-specific Socratic tutorials with answer-specific feedback and hints.
  • An extensive library of exercises of a variety of problems calibrated for difficulty and duration.

What can I do with Mastering?

  • Engage and motivate students to learn. Break free of multiple-choice with a wide range of automatically graded assignments that accommodate different teaching and learning styles.
  • Provide students with personalized coaching and feedback. Correlated to your Savvas textbook, highly interactive self-paced tutorials coach each student with hints and feedback specific to their own misconceptions.
  • Quickly monitor and display student results. The gradebook functionality provides quick results and easy-to-interpret insights into student performance.

Easily capture data to demonstrate learning and assessment outcomes. With a single click, charts summarize the most difficult problems, vulnerable students, grade distribution, and even score improvement over the curve.

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