World History: The Modern Era (California Edition)


Features and Benefits

Savvas’s California History-Social Science program focuses on:

  • Content Aligned to the California Standards and Framework
  • Literacy Skills Development
  • Inquiry for Active Learning
  • Citizenship for Civic Life

 Content Aligned to the California Standards and Framework

Savvas California History-Social Science for High School was built in partnership with California educators to inspire active learning and inquiry that engages every student, every day. 

Literacy Skills Development

Scaffolded literacy support helps students read text closely, build vocabulary and language skills, and use evidence to articulate their ideas. Current research points to a central message: Accessibility means adjusting the level of support provided to students for accessing complex text and acquiring core content knowledge. It’s not about lowering the level; it’s about increasing the support. 

Inquiry for Active Learning

California students connect with content by asking compelling questions, conducting research, and communicating their findings. Three types of Questexperiences include document-based writing inquiry, project-based learning inquiry, and civic discussion inquiry.

Citizenship for Civic Life

Savvas focuses on developing your students History-Social Science skills to prepare them for a successful future. Critical thinking, problem solving, and participatory skills are embedded throughout the program.