Features and Benefits

Guide students as they develop a college and career readiness achievement plan.

College & Career Readiness invites students...
•        to explore a broad range of educational and career opportunities
•        to learn to identify their career interests, aptitudes, and learning styles
•        to develop job-related skills
•        to develop a career portfolio
Relevant real-world tips, scenarios, and activities engage students and contribute to their career portfolio. Students learn more about themselves, their interests /abilities, and valid educational / career choices as they work through the valuable text resources and tools.

Features include career and job search skills

  • Career Ready Practice activities give students real-world scenarios to practice applying the 12 Career Ready Practices.

  • Career Portfolio activities guide students’ development of information and documents that show their school and career-plan progress.

  • Career Counsel activities ask students to use decision-making, goal setting, and problem solving skills to write an ending.

  • College-Ready Practices are activities designed to encourage students to think about what it means to be college ready.

Additional features include varied activities for skill development

  • Tech Connect and Web Extra features introduce students to new technology concepts.

  • Answer It! questions assess reading comprehension, and Write Now activities encourage students to use language arts skills.

  • Math and financial literacy skills development takes place with Numbers Game activities, prompting students to practice math concepts in real-world context, and Money Madness, a financial literacy activity.