Features and Benefits

QuickBooks Online Plus: A Complete Course 2016


Provide Real-World Experience with Extensive Hands-On Material

This text provides students with ample opportunity to learn and apply accounting concepts presented in the text and online software.

  • Step-by-step tutorial-style training helps students develop confidence in recording business transactions.
  • Intuit’s Test Drive Company helps students drill throughout the text.
  • Students create a new company in Chapter 2 that is used throughout the text.
  • Screen shots show students how their screens should look as they complete their training.
  • Places to double-check students’ work, ensure they grasp the concept at hand before moving on.
  • Additional Transactions are included at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts and transaction entry covered in the chapter.
  • End-of-chapter material where the concepts and applications learned are reinforced by the completion of assignable true/false, multiple-choice, fill-in, and computer-assignment questions.
  • A Bonus Practice Set is provided to instructors for completion at the end of the text.
  • QuickBooks® screens, completed transactions, and reports help students conceptualize accounting concepts visually.
  • To provide a real-world experience within the text, students are required to customize and print many business forms and reports.


An Innovative Approach for Learning How to Use QuickBooks® Online Plus to Run a Business

  • After thorough instruction in and usage of QuickBooks Online Plus within the text, students should be able to transition from training to using the program in an actual business.
  • Throughout the text, emphasis has been placed on the use of QuickBooks Online Plus’s innovative approach to recording accounting transactions based on a business form rather than using the traditional journal format. This approach has been correlated to traditional accounting through adjusting entries, end-of-period procedures, and use of the “behind the scenes” journal.
  • NEW! Learners now have the opportunity to work in a Cloud-based environment (versus having to download the software).
  • UPDATED! Students will explore and use many of the features of QuickBooks Online Plus as it pertains to both service and merchandising businesses, including:
  • Recording transactions for service and inventory businesses–from simple to complex–that simulate real-world occurrences
  • Preparing, analyzing, customizing, creating, and printing a variety of reports
  • Closing an accounting period
  • Creating a new company
  • Customizing QuickBooks Online Plus to fit the needs of an individual company
  • Completing assignments including a drill using Intuit’s Test Drive Company
  • Preparing payroll using Intuit’s Test Drive Company
  • Exploring error detection and correction


Hallmark Features of the Software

  • An Access Code Card and instructions for downloading the QuickBooks 2016 Educational Trial Version of the program
  • Add Logos to company files
  • Create, save, and use Customized Reports
  • Add Credit Card information for individual customers
  • Select Preferred Delivery and Payment Methods for customers
  • Use FIFO inventory valuation
  • Use Locations and Classes
  • Create Budgets
  • Import and Export Excel Files
  • Do Time Tracking
  • Track and pay Sales Taxes
  • Use the QuickBooks Online Plus Mobile App