Jane Rice, RN, CMA-C

The year is 1947 and Jane is a little girl with brown hair that is braided into pigtails. She is very shy and afraid, for, you see, she is in the second grade and cannot read. Not one little word. The teacher discovered this and made her sit on a tall metal stool in front of the classroom with a dunce cap on her head. Still to this day, she gets very nervous when she has to get up in front of a crowd of people.

Her mother taught her to read because back then, there were no special classes for children with learning disabilities. She did not learn “phonetics” but memorized everything. She still has trouble pronouncing words, but can tell you all you want to know about a medical word. 

Although she is now retired, Jane can attest that she had a wonderful teaching career. She is forever beholden to the many wonderful students who taught her so much and touched her life with their unique qualities. She hopes that this Ninth Edition of Medical Terminology for Health Care Professionals will enable you, the learner, to become the professional that you choose to be.



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