Elevate Science for 6-8:
Middle Grades Modules

Elevate Science offers 12 individual modules that span grades 6-8 and cover 100% of the NGSS Middle Grade Performance Expectations. For educators, the modules provide greater flexibility and customization for districts interested in building their own curriculum sequence. For adolescent learners, the bundled Performance Expectations create interesting storylines to motivate students to learn more.

The topics within each module provide an interactive learning journey that harnesses student curiosity and delivers engaging hands-on science experiences.  Program features such as Quests and Project-Based Learning scenarios set students off on a journey to solve real-world science and engineering problems.

Each module also comes with a full complement of digital tools and online resources, including an eText, virtual labs, and online assessments.

Module Titles

  • Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Energy Transfer
  • Atoms and Chemical Reactions
  • Forces
  • Waves and Information Technologies
  • Systems, Reproduction, and Growth
  • Relationships Within Ecosystems
  • Diversity of Life
  • Cycles Influencing Weather and Climate
  • Earth's Systems
  • Changing Earth and Human Activity
  • Earth’s Place in the Universe

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Elevate Science Modules