Miller & Levine Biology for California


Experience the 4-Course Model Program

The all new California Miller & Levine Biology is here! Developed by preeminent biologists and passionate educators, Ken Miller and Joe Levine, this blended print and digital curriculum was written specifically for California. Students are immersed in inquiry as they think, investigate, and talk about biology. They interact with phenomena through case studies, problem-based learning, and inquiry-focused lab experiments.

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California Spotlight

Problem-Based Learning projects support students’ understanding of a relevant and local California phenomena. These are student-led research projects that encourage student inquiry and discourse.


Integrate the Three Dimensions

California Miller & Levine Biology integrates three-dimensional learning through 27 case studies to give students an opportunity to engage with investigative phenomena. The program also has six different types of labs and simulations that provide over 100 experiences to support everyday phenomena.


Demonstrate Understanding

California Miller & Levine Biology is rich with assessment types that work in combination to assess three-dimensional learning and learning targets. Assessment types include performance-based tasks, research projects, inquiry investigations, labs, open-ended response questions, multiple choice questions and drag-and-drop questions.


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