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Features - Intro to Computers

The book consists of three parts which align with the IC3 exams:
Part 1, Computing Fundamentals explores hardware and software basics input and output devices, storage, and operating systems. Students learn how computers work, how to identify and use peripherals and storage devices and how to use operating systems, utility programs and wired and wireless networks.

Part 2, Key Applications teaches introductory skills in word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics programs, presentation programs, and multimedia.

Part 3, Living Online, covers the latest in communication devices, including smart phones and tablets, as well as the network technology they run on, and more.


Intro to Computers, 3e

Introduction to Computers and Information Technology, Preparing for IC3 Certification, Third Edition teaches the essential computer technology concepts and skills. The content is organized around the IC3 objectives to support students working toward industry certification.