SuccessMaker Adaptive Interventions:
Math and ELA/Literacy, Grades K-8

SuccessMaker® delivers computer-based adaptive interventions for reading and math. The adaptive courseware adjusts instruction with every click, swipe, and student response. There’s less frustration and less stress for learners. Prescriptive scheduling helps students reach key instructional goals, and real-time formative data allows you to target your assistance. SuccessMaker enhances your teaching with whole-class and small-group options as well as print worksheets for practice and homework. It’s LEARNING LED BY YOU.



ESSA Strong Evidence for Positive Results

Struggling students need more practice and more support for standards-based targets. SuccessMaker adaptive courseware meets ESSA “Strong Evidence” criteria. Custom courses align intervention to your core math or ELA/literacy curriculum, as well as to state standards, College and Career Readiness Standards, WIDA® and SIOP®.



Adaptive Learning for Personalized Intervention

SuccessMaker adapts to each student’s needs based on continuous, moment-by-moment adjustments. This real-time adaptivity provides personalized learning pathways and progressions, with precise tutoring to fill skill gaps. SuccessMaker lets teachers assist more students in a more engaging way than paper-and-pencil practice alone.