The Cultural Landscape

A map to success in human geography

Trusted for its timeliness, readability, and structured learning path, the bestselling title, The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography explores the patterns and processes of Earth’s human landscapes. Rubenstein weaves the themes of globalization and diversity and their relationship throughout the text, addressing these themes with a clear organization and presentation that engages students and appeals to educators.


A Refined Learning Path

  • Each chapter is organized around four Key Issues that highlight the “big questions.”
  • UPDATED Learning Outcomes begin each chapter and emphasize skills and knowledge students should gain from each section.
  • NEW Summary & Review ends each chapter and includes:
    • A brief summary of the chapter’s four Key Issues
    • A new critical-thinking question that invites students to relate their learning to the big ideas from the AP Human Geography Curriculum Framework

Summary and Review; Key issues


Sustainability, Our Environment

Current Data and Applications

UPDATED Sustainability & Our Environment relates the principal topics of human geography to overarching issues of economic, social, and environmental sustainability for our planet.

UPDATED Cartography and photos with more than 400 maps and 300 photos within the text, the 13th Edition provides thoroughly updated maps, optimized for maximum accuracy and clear presentation of current data.

Discovery Based Learning

UPDATED Doing Geography and the accompanying What’s Your Geography? features discuss geographic tools, techniques, and skills used to address real-world problems. Students then play the  role of geographers by applying these skills and techniques to their own experiences and environments. This discovery-based learning connects the global to the local, and help students apply human geography to their everyday lives.

Doing Geography


Debate it

UPDATED Debate It! features two sides of a complex topic to engage students in active debate around the most critical issues explored in  human geography today. New topics include the latest nuanced debates of issues such as Universal Health Care, privacy rights, immigration controls, and more. The features now also conclude with Questions for Research & Analysis.


Develop Critical Thinking, Writing, & Data Analysis Skills

UPDATED Thinking Geographically end-of-chapter questions consist of several visual and thought-provoking “essay-style” questions, suggesting directions for further reflection based on concepts and themes developed in the chapter.

NEW Writing Geographically features are context rich, multi-part essay questions modeled after AP Free Response Questions

NEW Geospatial Data Analysis activities leverage GIS-inspired MapMaster 2.0 in Mastering® Geography, allowing students to create maps and analyze spatial patterns and data at regional and global scales.

Develop Critical Thinking, Writing, Data Analysis Skills

Develop Critical Thinking, Writing, Data Analysis Skills

The Mastering® platform is the most widely used and effective online homework, coaching, and assessment system. It delivers self-paced coaching activities that provide individualized coaching, focus on course objectives, and are responsive to each student’s progress. The Mastering system helps teachers maximize class  time with customizable, easy-to-assign, and automatically graded assessments that motivate students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture.


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