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Literacy Support

We know literacy is the key to learning. We have partnered with Chicago Public Schools to help ensure that every student can read, write, and learn. Strong literacy skills enable students to interpret information, analyze, explain, and express ideas. Below are the K-12 blended program options available in 1-3yr packages that provide full units of study, lessons, activities, plans and pacing guides, facilitator notes, embedded instructional routines, summative & interim assessments with question banks to ensure that all teachers have equal access to the materials they need to be successful.


myView Literacy ©2020 is a comprehensive English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum for students in Grades K-5. It provides a balanced approach to teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking through Reading and Writing Workshops.


ReadyGEN ©2016 is an integrated and well-balanced approach to reading and writing instruction for Grades K-6 classrooms. Authentic texts with modeling and teacher-directed activities drive learning and motivate readers. 

ReadyGEN Overview Brochure


myPerspectives ©2017 is a brand new English language arts curriculum for Grades 6–12 that values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually, and provides next-gen learning experiences that promote higher achievement and develop the competencies needed for college and career readiness. Interactive learning blends print and technology in a student-centered, teacher-inspired classroom.