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Customized Illinois Social Studies

myWorld Interactive is a K-5 social studies curriculum that encourages active inquiry while introducing civics, economics, geography, and history concepts. Students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating skills for engaged civic life. The program includes strong ELA instruction to support social studies inquiry and new literacy standards.


Customized Illinois Edition at Grade 4:

  • 100% coverage of the Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science including the Civics, Geography, Economics and Financial Literacy, and History Standards
  • A Focus on Illinois handbook with interesting people, places, and events from the state
  • A Map and Graph Skills Handbook with Illinois maps
  • The Big Questions, Quest Activities, Literacy Skills, and Primary Sources integrated throughout support the Illinois Inquiry Skills Standards
  • Illinois Learning Standards shown in each Chapter Opener in the Student and Teacher’s Editions.
  • Online Student and Teacher resources aligned to Illinois Learning Standards
  • NEW! Two Illinois chapters for Grade 4 focusing on state specific content.

Grade 4 TOC Includes

Chapter 10: Illinois Today 

  • Lesson 1: Geography of Illinois 
  • Lesson 2: Resources of Illinois 
  • Lesson 3: Government of Illinois 

Chapter 11: History of Illinois 

  • Lesson 1: The First People of Illinois 
  • Lesson 2: Becoming the State of Illinois 
  • Lesson 3: Illinois Grows 
  • Lesson 4: Illinois Moves Ahead 
  • Lesson 5: Modern Illinois



myWorld Interactive is both comprehensive and adaptable, so it fits a wide range of classrooms and schedules. It’s the student-centered social studies curriculum that helps teachers achieve their instructional goals. 

Check out the program & digital courseware online by signing up for a free demo account at SavvasRealize.com.