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Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling support

CPS teachers know how to teach reading. CPS + Words Their Way = more proficient readers!

Words Their Way Classroom is the K-5 supplemental literacy program that helps you teach phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Developmental stages reflect students’ spelling behavior as they move from one level of word knowledge to the next. Words Their Way: Vocabulary for Middle and High School is a vocabulary development program for grades 6-12.

New for 2019 – Words Their Way Classroom!


Words Their Way Classroom instruction is student-centered and assessment-driven, fostering the progression of word knowledge. Ready-made materials make word study easy to implement and use in the classroom. The parallel Spanish Edition Palabras a Su Paso Salón de Clases ensures equity for all non-native speakers.

Words Their Way: Vocabulary for Middle and High School

Words their way for Middle and High School teaches strategies and word relationships while focusing on acquiring and using vocabulary. The program is an ideal supplement for any core English Language Arts curriculum. Words Their Way: Vocabulary for Middle and High School helps students understand how language works, so they’ll be able to comprehend more complex texts.

Explore the Student Edition to see how students will learn to use explicitly taught strategies for determining the meaning of words
Watch Author Kevin Flanigan’s Webinar - How do you develop independent word learners in your classroom? to Explore vocabulary activities and resources.