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Mathematics support

enVision® for Grades K-12 now offers a continuum of research-based programs that offer students highly visual, interactive instruction that promotes problem-solving proficiency and builds conceptual understanding of mathematics. Across all grade levels, the enVision Series provides support for all levels and styles of learners, from a write-in student text, to hands-on manipulatives.

Continuity Across Grades
Continuity from grade-to-grade and year-to-year reduces gaps in student learning. Math understanding builds for algebra and beyond.

Aligned Expectations
The curriculum fully aligns to your math standards and testing. It offers an accelerated pathway starting in Grade 7.

Coherent K-12 Pedagogy
Lessons promote math understanding through problem solving. Visual modeling scaffolds new math concepts, especially for ELL students.


Balanced Math Curriculum
Math lessons achieve rigor with a balance of conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills, and problem application.

Ongoing Professional Development
Teacher training within and across grade levels brings a new level of consistency to math instruction.

World-Class Digital Platform
Single sign-on Savvas Realize™ improves district-wide alignment, collaboration, and student data tracking. Savvas Realize works with Google rosterSync™, Google Classroom™, and Google Drive™.

Personalization & Differentiation
Online interactives, math tutorials, adaptive learning, and differentiation support every learner. Achieve district-wide math goals.



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