Virginia elevateScience™ for Grades 6-8

Don’t be fooled by a book! This program is a blended (online/inquiry/print), experience-driven, multi-modal, and hands-on investigation-based curriculum. Virginia elevateScience™ is a 100% match to the new Virginia Science Standards of Learning. Students investigate phenomena, engineer solutions through computational thinking, and demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and big ideas by doing science, not just reading about it.


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Below you will find a link to one chapter of the flipbook for the Student Edition at each grade level. (PDF pages of the Student Edition) There is also a link to the virtual sampling website (you will need to create a username and password) where we’ve posted the entire Student Edition, Teacher Edition, correlations, and other program related review materials. The overview brochure showcases the program functionality, and the digital overview provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the program and platform functionality.


Don’t be fooled by a book!

Virginia elevateScience™ is a blended program. Designed to meet the way you teach in a distance or hybrid classroom, the program was developed to be hands-on and activity-driven program where students investigate phenomena, engineer solutions through computational thinking, and demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and big ideas. The flow of inquiry across the program features looks like this:

  • uConnect – Opens every topic by generating questions about the phenomenon.
  • uInvestigate – Activities in every lesson that tells students more about the anchoring phenomenon.
  • uEngineer – In every topic, these activities present a Design Challenge connected to the anchoring phenomenon.
  • uDemonstrate – Two levels of performance-based assessments assess 3-dimensions of learning, and proficiency in SOLs.
  • Scope & Sequence
  • Standards of Learning
  • Quest
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Scope & Sequence


Scope & Sequence

Fully matching the grade-level scope and sequence, and covering 100% of the SOLs, Virginia elevateScience™ helps students build a deep understanding of Big Ideas and Key Concepts.



Standards of Learning


Standards of Learning

Science and Engineering Practices and SOLs are embedded within each topic and nurtured through the labs found in every lesson.






These lessons are tied together to resolve issues presented within a science Quest, that navigates students through a real-world problem for the purpose of making sense of phenomena and the of the natural world around them.


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Program Overview


Digital Review Guide


What does it mean to be "Science Literate"?


elevateScience™ is the program designed to build a community of science literate students in your classroom. Students who will be contributors, innovators and leaders in the natural world and beyond all because of a whole lot of “doing” science.

You can’t expect musicians to master the piano by watching videos and looking at pictures! They need to learn and apply the skills directly to the ivories.

elevateScience™ starts with a relatable and observable situation or event which sparks students’ into asking questions. This is the phenomenon that students investigate through an inquiry-based approach in each chapter.


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