5/22/2021 NYC Middle School Principal's Association Annual Conference
Savvas is a sponsor of the NYC MSPA Annual Conference. Attend our workshop at MSPA, Developing Citizens through Media Literacy with Empathy, Perspective, and Citizenship with specialist, Geoffrey Howard. We will demonstrate how to build relevant connections to current events by immersing students in a source-rich environment that supports various learners. Join us to discover tools that will help your students understand themselves and the world around them. Registration is FREE. Click here to learn more.
On-Demand Closing Literacy Gaps in a time of Distance Learning with author Pamela Mason
Teachers and students have been engaged in distance teaching and learning for a year, facing the possibilities and challenges of technology together. In this webinar we will address how to leverage oral language to foster code-based and meaning-based literacy skills, including student writing. We know that when we engage and value student effort they will strive to meet our highest expectations.
On-Demand 23 and me to Genetic Therapy- Molecular Genetics Revolution with Author Ken Miller
CRISPR gene editing, high-throughput DNA sequencing, and gene drives are changing how the human genome is studied and modified. In this workshop, we will review these techniques, and challenge participants to develop activities that will enable students to confront the social, moral, and ethical issues raised by the new human genetics.
On-Demand Using Phenomena to Engage Students in 3-Dimensional Learning Experiences with Author Zipporah Miller
Dr. Zipporah Miller will focus on how the use of phenomena establishes a purpose for learning. Instead of focusing on a single topic, she shifts the learning to trying to figure out why something is happening. This makes learning meaningful for students as they are actively engaged in the learning process.
On-Demand 3-Act Mathematical Modeling Grades 6-8 with Dr. Eric Milou
Let’s get messy and have fun with Mathematical Modeling! Join enVision® author, Dr. Eric Milou, as he discusses ideas for getting your students engaged in the Mathematical Modeling Cycle and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. This interactive workshop leverages 3-Act Math to get you thinking about how to provide a space for students to be the authors of their own ideas, so you can engage in Culturally Responsive Instruction in a natural, engaging way
On-Demand Strategies for Recreating Science Inquiry Online with Author Chris Moore (6-12)
The anthropogenic disaster of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) fundamentally changed the classroom and required teachers to adapt their strategies overnight. In this workshop, we will discuss practical strategies for online science teaching and facilitating student interactions online. Specifically, you will learn about the Communities of Inquiry (COI) framework and how it can be used to recreate high impact, interactive inquiry online, including rich discussion, group work, and laboratories.
On-Demand Three Act Math for Grades K-5
On-Demand NYC Administrators: Follow the Data: How to Use Realize Reports to Improve Student Achievement
Join us for an overview of the administrator reporting and analytics provided within Realize. Learn how to make informed decisions based on student usage, progress towards the NGMLS, and more!
On-Demand enVision New York: Promoting Mathematical Discussions with Solve & Share
Please join us as we explore ways to promote students' mathematical thinking and discourse with the Solve and Share in a virtual setting.
On-Demand enVision New York At-Home Resources to Engage Parents & Students
Join us to learn about new resources available for NYC educators to share with parents, caregivers, and students. Engage families in math while students learn from home!
On-Demand How enVision New York Meets the NGMLS - April 2020
Learn what the NYC DOE adopted as the core math program and how it will help math scores because enVision New York ©2020 Grades K-5 was built for the Next Generation Learning Standards.
On-Demand NYC Administrator Session 2
Join us to get answers to the following questions: 1. What are the Digital components? Can they help teachers differentiate instruction? 2. How will enVisionmath2.0 New York Edition provide data so that I can use critical information to make educational decisions? 3. Why should I adopt enVisionmath2.0 New York Edition now? Why this year is better than next year? 4. Q& A – Answers to all your questions!
On-Demand NYC Administrator Session 1
Join us to get answers to the following questions: 1. How does enVisionmath2.0 New York Edition meet the Next Generation Learning Standards? 2. Why did the DOE select enVisionmath2.0 as the district adopted program? 3. What will I get with the program? (what’s included when you opt in) 4. Q&A – Answers to all your questions!
On-Demand Additional National Webinar Recordings
Access on-demand national webinars providing ideas and inspiration for educators in all content areas. Join authors and experts as they showcase new Savvas educational programs, resources, and practices. Available live and on-demand. Thank you for exploring with us!