Three Cheers for Pre-K: Guiding the way to Grade K!

Three Cheers for Pre-K for Texas

Hello, Texas Pre-K educators! Meet Three Cheers for Pre-K. It’s the all-new balanced Pre-Kindergarten curriculum from Savvas Learning Company. Skills-based experiences and purposeful play initiate learning around quality children’s literature.


Watch the video. Join the cheers!


3 Things About Three Cheers for Pre-K

Marvelous Me!


Three Cheers provides everything you need to deliver developmentally appropriate learning experiences across all skills domains.

Social and Emotional Learning

Fosters Social and Emotional Learning

Thoughtfully planned activities support each child’s social and emotional well-being, physical growth, and academic readiness.

Equal and Equitable Spanish

Equal and Equitable Spanish

The rich concept development activities in Three Cheers for Pre-K are mirrored in Uno, dos, tres ¡Prekínder! to support multilingual learners.


Fun characters!

Create a Learning Community
Digital Sneak Peek


Digital Library

Digital Library for
Class or Home 

Our exclusive partnership with Unite for Literacy builds literacy skills and supports family engagement. Access fully narrated books in English, Spanish, and many languages.

Javi's Whirly World

Whirly World 

Turn games into learning! Hundreds of ways to build skills – from letter recognition and vocabulary knowledge to number recognition.

Ready Rosie

Modeled Moment

ReadyRosie videos model fun, easy activities families can do together at home.

Award-Winning Digital Platform

Award-Winning Digital Platform

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Discipline: Literacy

Copyright: 2022

Grade(s): PreK

Program Type: Supplemental

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Funding Sources: Head Start, ESSER


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