June 2020

Graduation Celebration Ideas


In June, schools across the country celebrate graduates—seniors moving on from their daily school lives, middle schoolers moving into high school, even kindergarteners moving on to first grade. Graduation is a celebration of all our students have accomplished, but this year, things look a little different.

In many states, social distancing guidelines have restricted traditional graduations. But some districts are getting creative with the ways they can celebrate their students, especially their seniors. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here. Be sure to tell us how your school is celebrating using #inspiresocialstudies on social media.

  • Check out YouTube’s virtual graduation live stream (live on June 6, available after to rewatch)
  • Host a drive-by car parade. Invite seniors to decorate their cars with balloons and streamers and invite students to drive around the school one final time (TIP: separate your students into groups to cut down on traffic!)
  • Listen to commencement speeches on the iHeart Radio podcast.
  • Sign up at imstillgraduating.com, a virtual graduation site where students can participate in a virtual yearbook, create a grad tribute, and more.
  • Arrange a video tribute. Some districts are inviting students to send a video that they will compile and share with the town.
  • Work with teachers to deliver diplomas in person. Wear masks, schedule it ahead of time, and stay outside!

No matter how students graduate in 2020, nothing can take away from the sense of accomplishment they should feel. The Class of 2020 will always be remembered, and they’ll always have stories to tell about their unique graduation experiences!

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