July 2020

Our Favorite 10 History Podcasts


Over the summer vacation, stay in touch with your history content through engaging and exciting podcasts! Today we’ve rounded up our 10 favorites to check out.

    1. Stuff You Missed in History Class: Holly and Tracy have done hundreds of episodes covering nuggets of history that sometimes we can’t cover in our classrooms. These podcasts are generally 30-40 minutes long, student-friendly, , and done in a storytelling format.
    2. Noble Blood: This podcast is fairly new and comes from journalist Dana Schwartz. Each episode covers a new royal figure and tells the story of a specific event in his or her life—check out the episode on the Diamond Necklace of Marie Antoinette! Each episode runs 30 minutes, but may contain adult references depending on the topic—listen before sharing with your students!
    3. Letters from War: This podcast from the Washington Post reads through letters from the Eyde family, specifically four brothers who lived during World War II. They start before World War II and continue through the 1970s, but the podcast focuses from 1942-1945. This podcast contains only 8 episodes and is a quick listen.
    4. Revisionist History: Author Malcolm Gladwell re-examines overlooked and misunderstood points in history, and gives them a second chance. There are tons of episodes—season 5 just started, and each is between 30 minutes and an hour.
    5. The History of Rome: Have some time? Listen to this exhaustive history of the Roman Empire, which started in 2007 and ended in 2013.
    6. Revolutions: From the creator of The History of Rome, listen to this podcast focused on revolutions throughout history. Episodes are shorter, and you don’t need to listen in order – skip around for the Revolution you want to learn about!
    7. American History Storytellers: This podcast from Wondery and host Lindsay Graham (not the Senator) visits the big events in American History.
    8. More Perfect: Dive in the world of the Supreme Court with this podcast from RadioLab. Each season examines a different aspect of the world of the Supreme Court.
    9. Presidential: In this podcast from the Washington Post, reporter Lillian Cunningham examines each president, and what qualities he had that made him a great, or not so great, leader. Features interviews from historians and journalists.What’s your favorite history podcast?
    10. Throughline: Take the headlines of today and see how the past informed our world today in this podcast from NPR.

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