August 2020

New Digital Lessons for K–2


New Social Studies digital lessons that Teachers and Parents can use for Grades K-2, in the classroom or in a distance setting. Students will be read one of the 6 Thinking Like a Citizen books; The Spectacular Spectacles, Whose Swing Set Is It, Anyway?, Why Do We Have To Learn This?, Why Can’t I Say That?, It’s None of Your Business!, and What Color am I? In these books Ms. Stanton and her class learn about seeing things from different viewpoints. The books cover Economics, Civics, Culture, History, Geography and Social Emotional Skills. Students will be guided through filling out a response form. Free downloads of a Glasses Template, Response Form, and book that will be used throughout the video are available.

This series of storybooks is about Ms. Stanton and her class. Ms. Stanton’s students are curious and always trying to understand the world around them. Ms. Stanton’s class faces typical situations—how to get along, hurt feelings, and not sharing. The books give Ms. Stanton’s class five perspectives—in the form of some very special glasses—to help them think about these situations.

Check out the free lessons on YouTube

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