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Geraldine Cochran is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers University and a physics education researcher. She earned her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with a cognate in physics and her Ed.S. in science education with a specialization in teacher preparation from Florida International University in Miami, FL and her M.A.T. with a specialization in secondary school physics, her B.S. degree in physics and her B.S. degree in mathematics from Chicago State University in Chicago, IL.

Experience Physics high school physics curriculum author Geraldine Cochran.

Christopher Moore is the Dr. George F. Haddix Community Chair in Physical Science and professor of physics at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Holding a M.S. in applied physics and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Moore has worked as a physical science teacher at several secondary schools in Virginia, as a professional materials scientist, and as a scholar of and consultant on science education. Dr. Moore is author of the book “Creating Scientists: Teaching and Assessing Science Practice for the NGSS.”

Experience Physics high school physics curriculum author Christopher Moore.

Jason Sterlace is a former high school physics and chemistry teacher from Virginia who is currently employed at James Madison University, where he is both the Physics Coordinator for the Learning Center, and an Instructor for the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Mr. Sterlace is a STEP-UP Ambassador for APS, and is a Nanoscience Fellow at the MathScience Innovation Center in Richmond, Virginia. He was named the Physics Teacher of the Year in 2013 by Virginia Association of Science Teachers. Mr. Sterlace is a veteran of the United States Navy.

Experience Physics high school physics curriculum author Jason Sterlace.

Michael Wysession is a Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Executive Director of The Teaching Center at Washington University in St. Louis. Author of more than 100 science and science education publications, Dr. Wysession was awarded the National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellowship and Packard Foundation Fellowship for his research in geophysics. Dr. Wysession is also a leader in geoscience literacy and education; he is the chair of the Earth Science Literacy Initiative, author of several popular video lectures on geoscience, and a lead writer of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Experience Physics high school physics curriculum author Michael Wysession.

Program Consultant

Alison Hapka is a physics, chemistry, and computer science educator who is passionate about getting people excited about discovering how their world works. Ms. Hapka has published notes in The Physics Teacher and served as President for the Maryland Association of Physics Teachers. She also worked on the state committee for the NGSS and served as a curator of NGSS resources for National Science Teachers Association for several years.

Experience Physics high school physics curriculum author Alison Hapka.


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