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MyLab History from Pearson

MyLab® History with Pearson eText is a state-of-theart, comprehensive Web resource that is organized according to the contents of our textbook and brings history to life through a unique, interactive experience. Students are able to take preloaded sample tests and receive personalized study plans.

  • Pearson eText with Audio—Contained within MyLab History, the Pearson eText gives students access to the text whenever and wherever they can access the Internet—through computers, tablets and smartphones. Students may also listen to their text with the Audio eText.
  • New MyHistoryLibrary Source Collection— The new Pearson MyHistoryLibrary provides students and instructors with primary source documents and images organized by chapter. Primary sources include an introduction and questions for reflection. Each may also be listened to in the Audio eText companion.
  • New World Civilizations Videos and Experiences— This unique series includes over 60 “Artifacts as Evidence” videos and “History 360” experiences. They include the videos found in the eText and over 30 more organized by chapter. Each video and experience is an engaging student assignment or class discussion starter.
  • New AP® Exam Format Test Bank— This new test item file provides test items in the format of the new AP® World History: Modern exam. The questions are organized into four chronological parts corresponding to the Curriculum Framework. Using documents, images, maps, and figures, it includes Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, Document-Based Questions, and Long Essay Questions for each part to help students prepare for the exam. In addition, each question is correlated to the unit, topic, historical developments (KC), and reasoning process outlined in the Curriculum Framework.
  • New AP® Document-Based Questions— There are 6 new practice DBQs, along with answer rationales, available to teachers to help students prepare for this part of the exam. 

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