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Connect students to STEM with fun activities, suggested readings, and career professionals. Engage with exciting stories that encourage STEM explorations with our STEM Reading Camp. Check out some of the STEM Support Resources to encourage students to investigate local problems and design solutions. Be inspired by STEM professionals with our On-Demand STEM Fair presentations. It is all just a click away! 


STEM Reading Camp

Spark innovation in your students by inviting them to participate in Savvas Learning Company’s on-demand STEM Reading Camp! Every story will inspire your students to engage in hands-on explorations that open their eyes to the wonders of science. Invite them to join in the fun!

Students, Parents, and Teachers are invited to an adventure of reading and doing! Read some amazing books and participate in fun activities that can be done at home. These STEM activity lessons encourage students to see, wonder, and explore the world around them.

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Make It Local. Take It Global.

Make It Local. Take It Global.

Visit our website for free STEM support resources to use before, during, or after the on-demand Virtual STEM Fair experience. Design a bridge, build an earthquake safe structure, or create a water purification system. The resources on our Experience STEM site provide an opportunity to look at local issues and take it further to global solutions.

STEM Support Resources

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STEM Fair Webinars On-Demand

April 19, 2022 01:30 PM EST - April 19, 2022 02:00 PM EST

Offshore Drilling Rigs 101: How YOU Can Work On One!

What does it take to explore for the oil and gas deep beneath the ocean sea floors? Jose Tovar will take you on a virtual tour of the Ocean Star, one of the first offshore drilling rigs whose sole purpose was to explore for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll learn how an offshore drilling rig works, and how YOU can be part of a dynamic drilling crew onboard an offshore rig in the future!

Jose Tovar

Jose Tovar was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. He developed his interest for oil drilling rigs when his dad took him onboard the Garden Banks, a famous semi-submersible drilling rig that was featured in the movie "Armageddon". After graduating from the University of Tulsa with his Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2012, Jose started off his oil and gas career by inspecting and overseeing the construction of offshore drilling rigs, and then went on to work as a Production Enhancement Engineer for Halliburton Energy Services in 2015. He now works for the Ocean Star Drilling Museum and Education Center in Galveston as the Visitors Services Supervisor, where he brings his knowledge of the oil and gas industry to curious tourists who are eager to learn about the industry!


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Career Connection sessions are facilitated by leaders from the following organizations.

Inspector Planet
Listen Up
Legends of Learning
Twin Pops
Janie Bynum
Sea Turtle Inc.
KCLN 94.7
Oilfield Energy Center
Ocean Star
Texas Corn Producers

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