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Join Summer Space Camp with Janet's Planet!
Available through August 31, 2021

Engage. Innovate. Change.

Blast off and launch a lifelong love of all things space and science with Janet of Janet's Planet! Hear from astronauts and Mars exploration experts as they share what it’s like to live on the International Space Station! Engage in astronaut challenges, science investigations, and hands-on experiences to test your “astro” skills! Young astronaut candidates will have the opportunity to explore, learn, and get a daily dose of science while boosting their STEM/STEAM abilities. Come travel at the speed of thought during this space powered summer camp!


On-Demand Space
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National Chemistry Week
October 19-20, 2021

Teachers and students in Grades 3-12 are invited to join us for a two-day virtual fair packed with career speakers and fun STEM activities!

Early registration will be available in September, 2021!


Make It Local. Take It Global.

Visit our website for free STEM support resources to use before, during, or after the on-demand Virtual STEM Fair experience. Design a bridge, build an earthquake safe structure, or create a water purification system. The resources on our Experience STEM site provide an opportunity to look at local issues and take it further to global solutions.


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On-Demand STEM Fair Sessions 

February 18, 2021 01:00 PM EST - February 18, 2021 01:30 PM EST

What Science REALLY Looks Like

Take students on a journey through STEM from a fresh perspective. Dajae will challenge the stigma that “science is boring” by sharing her unique pathway to becoming the DOPEST NASA ENGINEER. Dajae will share how she made connections between STEM and her love for hip hop to create fun educational raps. Students will get to discover how cool STEM really is and learn about new careers they didn’t even know existed. The presentation will wrap up with a hip hop performance from Dajae.

Speaker: Dajae Williams

Dajae Williams is the dopest NASA engineer that you will ever meet. As a young engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Dajae ensures the quality of electrical and mechanical assemblies. When she is not solving technical problems, she’s empowering the youth through her educational company ListenUp! Education. She teaches students STEM, professional development, and how to simply be SMART AND DOPE! Interested in more of her content? Follow Dajae on Instagram @dajae.monae, Twitter @dajae_monae, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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Career Connection sessions are facilitated by leaders from the following organizations.

Sea Turtle Inc.
Inspector Planet
Listen Up
Legends of Learning
Twin Pops
Janie Bynum
Janet's Planet

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