Features and Benefits

Help students move from novice to expert problem-solvers

  • New - Missed This? featureappears in the end-of-chapter Self Assessment Quizzes and each odd-numbered Problems by Topic exercise. Missed This? provides sections to read and videos to watch to help students remediate where necessary.
  • Tro’s four-step “Sort, Strategize, Solve, and Check” problem-solving approach in the worked examples helps students connect the chemistry concepts to the problem and to its solution by developing an explicit conceptual plan for each problem. This method helps students understand where to start a problem and to think through the solution rather than simply formula hunting based on the given information.

Empower students to visualize and understand chemistry

  • New Chapter 5 creates more topically-focused coverage—Chemical Reactions and Solutions have been divided into two separate chapters (now Chapters 4 and 5): one on chemical reactions (including stoichiometry), and another on solutions (including aqueous reactions). This new organization allows a sharper focus in each chapter and reduces the cognitive load for students.
  • Multipart images include symbolic, macroscopic, and molecular perspectives that are fundamental to visualizing and understanding chemistry.
  • Extensively updated art program better directs students’ attention to key elements in the art and promotes understanding of the processes depicted. Dozens of figures in the 5th Edition were reviewed by learning design specialists to ensure they are clearly navigable for students and now include more helpful annotations and labels to help readers focus on key concepts.Tro’s multipart images help students see the relationship between the formulas they write down on paper (symbolic), the world they see around them (macroscopic), and the atoms and molecules that compose the world (molecular).
  • Abundant molecular-level views show students the connection between everyday processes visible to the eye and the behavior of atoms and molecules.

Actively engage students in learning chemistry

  • New - 16 Key Concept Videos for a total of 74 combine artwork from the textbook with 2D and 3D animations to create a dynamic on-screen viewing and learning experience. These short videos include narration and brief live-action clips of author Nivaldo Tro, explaining the key concepts in general chemistry to give students the foundation they need. Students interact when the video stops and poses a question that they must answer before continuing. Each video also includes a follow-up question that is assignable in Mastering®
  • Newly Interactive - Conceptual Connections allow students to interact with all conceptual connections within the Pearson eText, allowing students to study on their own and test their understanding in real-time. Complete with answer-specific feedback written by the author himself, these interactives help students extinguish misconceptions and deepen their understanding of important topics, making reading an active experience.
  • New - 24 Interactive Worked Examples for a total of 125 are digital versions of select worked examples from the text that instruct students how to break down problems using Tro’s “Sort, Strategize, Solve, and Check” technique. The Interactive Worked Examples pause in the middle and require the student to interact by completing a step in the example. Each example has a follow-up question that is assignable in Mastering Chemistry.