Conceptual Integrated Science

Integrated Science

Conceptual Integrated Science provides an engaging overview of physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, and biology. Hewitt’s engaging narrative emphasizes unifying concepts across physical and life sciences through a clear, friendly writing style, and fun, relevant examples that motivate students.

The 3rd Edition deepens connections between the sciences with new Integrated Science spreads added at the end of each part. Modern references and new applications add relevance to students’ everyday lives. Enhanced End-of-Chapter problems engage students with interactive digital features in the Pearson eText and guide them with wrong-answer feedback, where and when they need it. The eText features Hewitt’s video tutorials that play inline, new Check Yourself from the text presented as a hide/reveal interactive feature, and multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each chapter.

This text is correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Build a Foundation Across the Sciences.


Discipline: AP® Honors & Electives, Science

Copyright: 2020

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Funding Sources: ESSER

Conceptual Integrated Science 3rd Edition ©2020 with Mastering® Physics with Pearson eText, Hewitt et al.

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