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On-Demand Teaching Practices for Lifelong Learners ›
The introduction to the FL's B.E.S.T. Standards charges districts and schools to build a rich, deep, and meaningful curriculum that “uplifts the soul.” Creating life long learners is one way to equip students for succes in school and beyond. Built on research, the practices in this session provide teachers with practical ways to engage students and build habits of lifelong learners. Attendees will receive materials and instruction that they can use in their classrooms immediately.
On-Demand AUTHOR SESSION: Kelly Gallagher Inspiring Literate Lives: Increasing Student Reading and Writing Volume ›
Join author and literacy leader Kelly Gallagher as he shares best experiences in teaching students to read like a writer and to write like a reader. Kelly has an extensive resume of experience on the topic and will share not only his knowledge, but his passion for the subject. Come learn, explore new ideas, and share your own classroom experiences with Kelly as he discusses how to build deeper readers and writers.
On-Demand Teaching Writers: More than the Process ›
Writing instruction that fosters young students into proficient writers includes some common best practices including immersing them in the style of writing, having on teaching point at a time, and choice in topics. In this session teachers will explore writing mini-lessons, using mentor texts, conferring, and providing feedback for writing. Teachers will leave with a bank of mini-lesson ideas for teaching opinion writing, as well as ideas for developing their own units of writing instruction.
On-Demand Cultivating Culture: Making ELA Classrooms Culturally Responsive & Engaging ›
Culturally Responsive Teaching has gained heightened attention in our current society. Teachers and administrators are looking for ways to increase academic achievement for all students in their middle and high school English/Language Arts classes. In this session, based on the thought leadership of Dr. Ernest Morrell, we will explore several strategies to enhance literacy instruction that invites students' experiences to support their learning. From ways to interact with literature to incorporating multimedia, educators will leave this session equipped with ways to create a more culturally responsive and engaging classroom.
On-Demand AUTHOR SESSION: Ernest Morrell Cultural Relevance and Engagement in Today's Literacy Classroom ›
Join author and professor Ernest Morrell as he shares best and research-based practices in creating cultural relevance and engagement in literacy classrooms. Ernest has an extensive resume of experience on the topic and will share not only his knowledge but his passion for the subject. Come learn, explore new ideas, and share your own experiences with Ernest as he discusses how to make your classroom inclusive for all.
On-Demand Social and Emotional Learning ›
You've heard the buzz word, but what exactly is social-emotional learning? Learn how to help your students develop positive relationships and take ownership of their learning. In this session you will learn ways to help students build management and relationship skills; and practice SEL activities you can use in your classroom.You'll walk away from this session with a deeper understanding of social-emotional learning and with strategies and tools to help students develop individual and social skills.
On-Demand A Classroom View: The Science of Reading ›
Science of Reading is a topic rapidly gaining interest in the reading realm across our country. In this session we will be tackling the methodology from the perspective of renowned reading expert and Savvas author Dr. Sharon Vaughn. We will examine instructional models that reflect best practices in a
On-Demand AUTHOR SESSION: Sharon Vaughn The Science of Reading and How to Implement It as a Teacher ›
Educators across the country are turning to the science of reading, a cumulative and evolving set of evidence on how students learn to read. As a result, having a deep understanding of this research can be challenging and often leads to misconceptions. Listen to literacy expert and author Dr. Sharon Vaughn as she speaks about the science of reading - what it is, what it isn’t, and how it significantly impacts student learning.
On-Demand Hook and Inspire: Making Literature Relevant and Relatable ›
ENGAGE your students and INSPIRE learning beyond the classroom walls. To build reading comprehension, students need to be able to relate to the texts they are reading. Learn ways to hook and inspire students by incorporating “teachable moments” that connect your curriculum to your student’s world. We will share concrete ideas for weaving these kinds of connections into your ELA curriculum.
On-Demand Inspiring Reading: A 3-D Look at Teaching Reading ›
During our lit blocks, we plan for students to learn in three settings: whole class, small group, and independent. In this session, we will explore activities to foster literacy learning in these three settings. We’ll dive into a first-read mini lesson to engage students with complex texts during your whole class teaching. Then we’ll examine a small group framework to enhance your guided reading instruction. Lastly, we’ll delve into coaching conversations you can use to confer with each student during independent reading.