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February 03, 2022 01:30 PM EST - February 03, 2022 02:00 PM EST

STEM Lesson: Dirty Water: Clean Water

Nancy Williams discusses the 14 Grand Challenges for engineering with a focus on the challenge, "Providing Access to Clean Water". There is a global need for clean water, even here in the US. Flint, Michigan is often referenced as the US city without clean water. It isn't the only US city with this dilema. Students will be able to virtually get messy, vote on the ingredients to make the messiest dirtiest water. Then they will use engineering design to create a solution as to how they can clean the dirty water. After testing our solution, we will uncover STEM careers currently working to provide clean water solutions. Participants will leave with a list of materials to try creating their own water filtration tool at home or in their classroom, and helpful links to complete more research about clean water sources and how they can help be a part of the solution.

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Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams was born in Cleveland Ohio but currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated with her BS in Elementary Education and MS in Special Education but started her teaching career working with NASA’s Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aeronautics Academy (S.E.M.A.A.) and envisioned being “the Black Mrs. Frizzle” from the Magic School Bus. As a classroom teacher, Nancy loved keeping her elementary students engaged in science and math projects. From creating worm compost bins and water filtration systems, she has always enjoyed the wonder in students eyes as they learned something new.

She left the classroom to join Pearson Education as a math specialist and coached teachers in different states, helping them engage highly effective instructional practices. Today, she works as a Director of Professional Learning for Savvas Learning, engaged in the work of designing the professional development we provide to teachers and administrators nationwide.She enjoys working with teachers, district leadership, and Savvas specialists customizing professional learning experiences that highlight diversity, inclusion and equitable practices, as well as effective teaching practices that engage students in science and math practices. She also enjoys beach vacations and traveling to countries, collecting passport stamps and new cultural experiences.


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