May 05, 2022 11:00 AM EST - May 05, 2022 11:45 AM EST

EMS: A View from the Street

The emergency medical services provide a dynamic and exciting career opportunity—but don't go by what you see on television. Join veteran paramedic, instructor, and EMS author Dan Limmer for a look at real-life EMS on the street. You'll get the straight scoop, some stories, and even pictures!

Dan Limmer

Dan Limmer began his EMS career in 1978, working as an EMT and paramedic. He is a lecturer at central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, and an Adjunct Faculty member at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor, Maine, where he especially enjoys teaching patient assessment, and believes critical thinking and decision-making skills are the key to successful clinical practice of EMS. Limmer also works part time as a freelance photojournalist and is working on a documentary project photographing EMS people and agencies throughout the United States. In addition to his EMS experience, Dan was a dispatcher and police officer in upstate New York. He now lives in Maine with his wife and daughters.


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