enVision A|G|A
Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
Curriculum for New York City Education

High School Math Curriculum Aligned with New York City Department of Education Standards

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Savvas Learning Company has built a successful partnership with NYC schools with enVisionmath2.0 New York. Now Savvas introduces the brand new enVision A|G|A for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. It’s part of the best-selling enVisionmath2.0 New York, K-12 series, rated all-green by EdReports (Common Core edition). Use this page to check out the amazing enhancements that enVision has to offer.

enVision Mathmatics gets ALL GREEN from EdReports.org

enVision A|G|A


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enVision A|G|A helps kids “see the math.”
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Alignment to New York State Next Generation
Mathematics Learning Standards


Scope & Sequence

Algebra 2

Table of Contents

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Unpacking the Program

Build a Math Community

Build a Math Community

enVision A|G|A is enhanced to support high school math classrooms. Take a curated “tour” with videos, program overviews, components, and a digital courseware guide.


3-Act Math

Newly updated enVision includes 3-Act Math Tasks to engage students in authentic, open-ended problems. Students apply what they’ve learned to solve the problem in real-world scenarios. The tasks invite mathematical discourse, collaboration, and teamwork.

enVision Mathematics 3-Act Math Modeling ›

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Instructional Design


enVision A|G|A makes math more accessible, relevant, and personalized for all students. At the core of the enVision math lesson is a daily problem based learning activity that immerses students in math using their prior knowledge. Teachers can use these activities to create a student-centered and inclusive learning experience that develops deep conceptual understanding.

4 step lesson

Teaching a Lesson Part 1
Watch Video ›

Teaching a Lesson Part 2
Watch Video ›


Culturally Responsive Classroom

As you review enVision A|G|A, you will see how Culturally Responsive-Student Engagement is woven throughout the instruction. Experience what it’s like to teach with enVision in the classroom.

Download Brochure ›

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Digital Assets


Savvas Realize™ is one of the edtech industry’s most versatile learning management systems. It provides NYC teachers and students with a unified digital ecosystem. With one login at the Teacher Hub, Realize includes New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards, resources, and assessments. It’s engineered to support teachers with seamless LMS integration, auto rostering, and optimized content for distance learning.


Try a Demo!

Try a FREE Demo Today

Contact your Savvas Account Manager for full digital access, or visit Savvas Realize to sign up for a free demo.

Distance Learning Toggle
Watch the Video ›


Savvas Realize + Google for Education

Google Classroom Tablet

Google Classroom Logo

enVision content on Realize seamlessly integrates with your Google Classroom™ LMS. Just click “Share with Google Classroom” and Realize will do the rest for you.


enVision A|G|A embeds interactives powered by Desmos to support New York City teachers as they prepare students for the New York Regents.

Embedded Interactivities powered by Desmos ›

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Math Assessment


Print assessments are available on Savvas Realize in digital formats as well as with auto-scoring and auto-assigned differentiation. These assessments are delivered with the content and format that help prepare students for high-stakes assessments. They include multi-part questions, selected-response, and constructed-response items. Technology features include drag and drop, drop-down menus, and various on-screen tools.


enVision makes assessment and data reporting easier.

enVision makes assessment and data reporting easier.

enVision Mathematics Assessment ›

See how assessments can be customized and shared on Realize.

See how assessments can be customized and shared on Realize.

Watch now ›

Assess options

Get an overview of enVision AGA assessment options.

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Differentiation & Language Support


One of the main goals of enVision A|G|A is to offer personalized and adaptive learning for ALL students to build conceptual understanding. This video shows how enVision A|G|A makes personalized learning a top priority so that students can retain and build upon the mathematics.

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ELL Support

The Teacher’s Edition provides ELL strategies at point-of-instruction.

enVision AGA Teacher's Edition ›

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Family Support


NYC Parents’ Corner

We are excited to support our New York City parents, caregivers, and students.
Please take advantage of the resources below, selected just for you!


How can students access lesson videos when they’re not on a computer?

"Bounce Pages" allows students to pull up enVision A|G|A lessons and homework videos on many mobile devices.

  1. VISIT bouncepages.savvasrealize.com
  2. AIM the camera so the page is easily viewable on your screen. For best results, flatten the page.
  3. TAP the screen to scan the page.
  4. BOUNCE the page to life by clicking on the animation.

Bounce Pages

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Parent User Guides


Check out the Savvas Realize Parent User Guide, which is available in the following languages:

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Authorship and Research


enVision A|G|A is supported by a team of educators, researchers, and leaders in math education. Learn about the research that went into this program and meet the authors

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