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Students learn science best when they DO science. That’s why Experience Chemistry centers around the student experience. This modern program implements a learning model that organizes learning around phenomena, giving students an authentic, real-world science experience. It includes the “big” phenomena students see on the news and local and everyday phenomena that allow them to see just how connected chemistry is to their lives.

This approach guarantees students will Experience Chemistry like never before by connecting chemistry with their world. They’ll explore climate change, water quality, the newest energy sources, and the foods we grow and eat. Experience Chemistry uses cool, weird, and amazing phenomena to engage students in 3D science.



Experience Chemistry

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The Table of Contents and Program Correlations demonstrate just how clearly aligned Experience Chemistry is to NYC, and how it fulfills the expectations of the NYSSLS through rigorous content, hands-on learning, abstract reasoning, collaboration skills, and engaging technology.

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Unpacking the Program


Experience Chemistry is about what students DO in the classroom to learn chemistry. Features range from phenomena videos, to teacher demos, to hands-on inquiry labs, and more! Experience Chemistry includes a wide variety of hands-on and virtual activities designed to reach every learner, and the program includes a partnership with Flinn Scientific to deliver high-quality inquiry labs, engineering workbenches, and performance assessments.

NOTE - This is not a textbook-driven program. Experience Chemistry is a hands-on interactive program. See the Digital Assets section for a deeper dive.



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Instructional Design


Experience Chemistry is a high school phenomena-based science curriculum that immerses students in the inquiry process. It provides students with engaging, real-world, and rigorous hands-on labs and activities. The program organization helps you implement the three dimensions around Anchoring, Investigative, and Everyday Phenomena. This modern program implements an instructional design that organizes learning around phenomena, giving students an authentic, real-world experience.


Instructional Design Model

The Experience Chemistry Instructional Model places students center stage as they question and investigate phenomena - thus driving the learning.


Phenomena Organization

Experience Chemistry is organized around five Storylines. Each Storyline launches an overarching Anchoring Phenomena that connects the topics in the Investigations.



Savvas Learning Company strives to empower students to bring their cultures, backgrounds, and experiences into the classroom and to develop intercultural understandings through interactions with their peers. Please review this Culturally Responsive Classroom brochure for more information on how we accomplish that inside of the Savvas High School Science programs.

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Lessons in Action


Experience Chemistry is a high school phenomena-based science curriculum that gets students to investigate phenomena and “experience” how chemistry relates to their everyday lives.


Flinn Scientific, the nation’s #1 leading lab provider, is our EXCLUSIVE PARTNER. That means with Experience Chemistry, you have instant access to the highest-quality labs and supplies. Plus Flinn Scientific has taken all its knowledge and resources to create 4 different versions of every inquiry lab in the program.


The Student Experience Notebook is a place for students to write, clarify ideas, and make a record as a scientist. It’s an interactive tool that promotes scientific understanding and anchors phenomena-based, experiential learning.

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Digital Assets


Explore Online

Explore the online components. Go to SavvasRealize.com and use the credentials below to login. Choose your own path or follow the steps in the Digital Overview.

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Distance Learning Options for Savvas Science

Five ways we’ve supported K-12 Science Educators during the pandemic.


Digital Highlights

Your Savvas Realize™ classroom is an extension of your chemistry classroom—where students investigate through virtual labs and simulations, watch animations to explore complex concepts, and demonstrate understanding through assessments.

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Virtual Lab Simulations

Virtual lab simulations complement your teaching. Students can access realistic lab experiences that will let them perform experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free learning environment.


Realize Playlist for Experience Chemistry

Go online and Take A Personal Tour! The Playlist provides a way to identify the assets you want to review, share, or assign.


Savvas Realize + Google for Education


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Experience Chemistry is rich with assessment types that work in combination to assess three-dimensional learning. Item types include performance-based tasks, research projects, inquiry investigations, labs, open-ended response questions, multiple choice questions, and drag-and drop questions.

When students take the assessments online in Savvas Realize™, the teacher receives instant feedback on performance, informing instruction based on results.

Storyline Assessment - Provides a problem-based learning experience in which students obtain and evaluate information about a related phenomenon and communicate their findings in a written report.

Investigation-Level Assessment - Performance-based assessments measure students’ mastery of the science and engineering practices. Students revisit the Anchoring Phenomenon multiple times as they make sense of the topic.

Experience-Level Assessment - Customizable interactive online quizzes & tests conclude every experience.

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Family Support


NYC Parents’ Corner

We are excited to support our New York City parents, caregivers, and students.
Please take advantage of the resources below, selected just for you!

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Parent User Guides


Check out the Savvas Realize Parent User Guide, which is available in the following languages:

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Learn more about the authors, their work, and the positive impact Experience Chemistry is having in the classroom

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