April 2021

It’s Time to Befriend Mother Earth and Revive Planet Earth


By Dr. Amy L. Holland, Geography teacher
Grimsley Junior High School, Bentonville, Arkansas

Dr. Amy Holland is a Geography teacher from Arkansas. She is a contributing Citizen writer (you can sign up here to contribute!). In this article, Amy provides some great examples of individuals who are making an impact on the planet.

I have the unique, almost superhuman ability to kill anything remotely green or plant-like. I literally could be the poster child for anti-Arbor/Earth Day no matter how hard I fight against it. Each season brings to life traditional plants, from daffodils to mums. At the beginning of each season I become determined to try my lot at growing these beautiful plants. Leave it to kids to pull you back down to earth. At the start of each season my daughter reminds me, “You are just wasting money, you will just kill it.” While this statement is spot on, I still have dreams of growing the most beautiful plants and flowers. Thankfully, there are true Earth Day fans who represent in ways I can only dream of!

Mikaila Ulmer began a business selling her grandmother’s lemonade using honey as an ingredient. She did this to bring awareness about the benefits of bees. Mikaila’s business, “Me and the Bees Lemonade,” promotes the use of honey as a key ingredient. A percentage of the funds from each sale go to bee conservation groups. What began 10 years ago today as a small business now continues to grow, further helping bee conservationists around the world.

Dean Hale, who gives me hope as a wannabe gardener, began a business of creating gardening kits. He calls it “square foot gardening,” which actually is a concept that has been around for a long time. Dean admits to struggling with gardening at the beginning of the gardening process. This led him to research the best methods, soil, and products within his square foot gardening plan. He later developed a business, Growing Green Hamilton, which allows others to have success in the gardening realm.

In California two farmers create space for individuals to learn the successful methods of gardening and farming. Allie Cecchini and Christian Olesen go to local schools to create awareness about farming and the importance of growing your own food. Individuals receive a section of land to farm with help from the two farmers. As a result of this business venture, local food banks receive a portion of the products. The two are revolutionizing the farming industry by allowing everyday people to grow their own food.

Each of these individuals is doing a fantastic job of befriending “Mother Nature” and reviving our Planet Earth. Some began the journey by looking to the bees, while others looked at ways to be self-sufficient. Either way, their efforts create awareness and motivation for those of us who aren’t such good friends with Mother Earth. It’s game time, let’s raise our flags for Earth Day and grow something good.


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