Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week...Together

We can’t think of a more meaningful way to honor teachers this #TeacherAppreciationWeek than by doing something that really matters to them: helping advance digital equity. We’ve partnered with EveryoneOn to better connect teachers and their students by providing free high-speed Internet service to K-12 students from low-income families.



Every 25 likes, comments, or shares on our pinned post during Teacher Appreciation Week will help one
family with K-12 students gain high-speed Internet access for a year.*

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What Is the Digital Divide?

The digital divide refers to the gap between those who do not have access to information technologies and those who do. When students of low-income families can connect to high-speed Internet at home, they gain information resources and opportunities to thrive.


of U.S. students say they are
required to use the Internet to
complete homework assignments.

of households earning below
$30K per year with children 6-17
do not have high-speed Internet.


Sources: Pew Research Center & Hispanic Heritage Foundation, myCollegeOptions, Family Safety Online Institute,

To learn more, visit EveryoneOn.org



#SavvasThanks Educators

Follow the conversation using #SavvasThanks during Teacher Appreciation Week.

”I have been so unbelievably impressed by our nation’s educators during this unprecedented time. From changing the way they support our children’s learning to finding ways to get meals to those who need them!”

Peter, Savvas Employee

“Thank you to all my fantastic teachers. I would not be who or where I am today without their critical contributions: great books, good talks, serious challenges, and unwavering support.”

Acia, Savvas Employee

“Thank you, teachers, for your immeasurable selflessness and commitment to the lives of your scholars. Now more than ever, the role you play in developing young people transcends ‘essential.’”

Lakisha, Savvas Employee


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