Intervention and Supplemental Solutions
for New York City

No matter what school may look like, Savvas Learning Company offers a full suite of research-proven intervention and supplemental programs. Whether you’d like to provide students with self-directed digital learning or give teachers additional resources to support NYC instruction, we have a solution that’s just right for you.







Literacy & Math
SuccessMaker Focus 1-8 Specifically designed to address unfinished learning from the prior grade level, SuccessMaker Focus is a self-guided digital course that provides explicit instruction in mathematics and literacy priority skills from the previous grade level. The program provides an ideal way to scaffold students up to grade-level content with real-time data offering instant insight into student progress and where more support is needed. Student-directed Independent learning, 15-20 minutes daily, 3 times week Digital  
Reading Spot K-8 A smartphone and tablet-friendly app that works offline, Reading Spot provides a rich e-library of thousands of digital books and texts for all readers. Match students to titles by their reading abilities and interests while motivating students with reading goals and book ratings. Student-directed Independent reading Digital  
Words Their Way Classroom K-5 This supplemental literacy program builds critical skills in phonics, spelling, and word study. Complete digital functionality, including all-new digital sorts and downloadable learning activities, provides an engaging, hands-on approach to word study. Teacher-led
15 minutes daily
Whole class, small group
Blended Print & Digital  
iLit 6+ iLit20 builds all students’ capacity to read and respond to increasingly complex texts. The program accelerates literacy skills for all students through independent self-guided and leveled reading from a diverse library of 3,000+ nonfiction and fiction texts and includes options to address gaps in foundational skills.

20 minutes daily
3-5 times per week

Biliteracy and Dual Language
Palabras a su paso K-5 Perfect for dual language and biliteracy classes, this Spanish program uses the hands-on Words Their Way™ approach to word study. The program builds skills in Spanish phonics, spelling, and word recognition using Spanish orthographic principles. Teacher-led
15 minutes daily
Whole class, small group
Blended Print & Digital