Savvas On-Demand Virtual STEM Fair
Welcome to Summer Space Camp
with Janet's Planet

Welcome super scientists, engineers, and astronauts to another exciting Virtual STEM Fair—Space Camp Missions! During Space Camp, you will work at your own pace by launching the 13 space missions below. Each mission contains fun and informative videos and activities for you to explore. By Mission 13, you will know what it means to become an astronaut, how to travel to the Moon and Mars, and what it’s like to live in space!

Share Your Space Adventure! Follow @SavvasLearning and @JanetsPlanet and post your adventure using hashtag #SavvasSpaceCamp to share with other scientists, engineers, and astronauts! We would love to see your savvy science and engineering skills!


Launch Your Adventure!


Mission 1

Become an Astronaut!

Mission 2

Join the Artemis Team!

Mission 3

Get Ready to Go to the Moon

Mission 4

Go in for the Landing!


Mission 5

Exploring Mars!

Mission 6

Living on Martian Time

Mission 7

Mars Ingenuity

Mission 8

Explore Life in Space Pt. 1


Mission 9

Explore Life in Space Pt. 2

Mission 10

Build an International Space Station

Mission 11

Build a Space Launch System

Mission 12

Build a Spacecraft


Mission 13

What's in Your Space Future