July 2021

Your Guide for Back to School Preparation


It’s back to school again! Read our guide on how to prepare for back to school week by week—and still have time to relax before the first day of school!

Start by decluttering the past

Start off your month by decluttering your school supplies before the year starts!

Take a day to spread out all your supplies -- empty your bags and bins, and toss anything you won’t use. And don’t forget your digital clutter! Pull up your email inbox and file your messages away. Review your lesson plans and activities, and save your favorites. Archive last year and toss away your planner -- it’s time for a fresh start!

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Use a cart to keep everything together in your home, and organize your paperwork with these color-coded file folders from Amazon. And these organizer clips will make your to-do list a breeze!

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Plan your classroom

Now that you’re all cleaned out, it’s time to prep your materials!

As we return to normalcy this school year, think back to what you’ve learned in the last year and half through distance learning. What technology do you want to bring forward into your classroom? Or are you making the switch to hands-on and active learning? Regardless, it may be time to purchase some new items for your classroom.

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This Today in History bulletin board from Teachers Pay Teachers would make excellent bell ringers for your students, or use quote posters to inspire students.

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Create a new routine

The last two school years were anything BUT routine! Take advantage of a fresh start and establish a new routine for the school year.

Think about your schedule and your new students. It’s going to be a new routine to go back to a completely “normal” school year. Think about ways to make students comfortable being in person again and keep your assessments varied. Maybe you switched to less tests during COVID and more project-based learning - is this something you can continue in person with students? You have an opportunity to start fresh with your day-to-day routine -- take advantage of it!

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We love a good planner! Keep your days organized with a customized Erin Condren planner made specifically for teachers.

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Now that you’ve had three weeks of decluttering, organizing, and planning for the future, take some time to relax before the start of the school year! And don’t forget to share your favorite back to school tips with us at #inspiresocialstudies!

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