myView Literacy English Language Arts for Grades K-5 for New Mexico Educators

New Mexico’s Comprehensive Literacy Solution

myView Literacy provides New Mexico teachers with the tools and support necessary to implement a Structured Literacy approach. Alongside this explicit, systematic instruction, myView Literacy will inspire creativity and empower your students to learn from the world around them, further developing their own stories. As a teacher, your story includes twists and turns, sacrifice, joy, and that amazing feeling when student light bulbs illuminate. myView Literacy was built to help you reach those light bulb moments while providing tools grounded in the Science of Reading.

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Continuum of Resources


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Continuum of Resources Whole Group Lesson Reading Routines Companion Small Group Differentiation Words Their Way Classroom myFocus Intervention SuccessMaker

*Additional options to enhance your myView classroom.


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Literacy Components


With myView Literacy and miVisión Lectura, New Mexico students will have a wealth of opportunities to interact with many different types of genres, including literary and informational texts.

myView Literacy K-5 has five units per grade. Each unit uses an Essential Question, theme, and multi-genre approach to reading and writing instruction. With a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts, each unit is vertically aligned across all grades following overarching science, social studies, and humanities themes.

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Digital Assets


Savvas Realize™ is one of the edtech industry’s most versatile learning management systems. It provides New Mexico teachers and students with a unified digital ecosystem. With one login at the Teacher Hub, Realize includes English Language Arts content, resources, and assessments. It’s engineered to support teachers with seamless LMS integration, auto rostering, and optimized content for distance learning.

Savvas Realize™ and Google for Education
Google Classroom on a laptop and tablet both illustrating how Google for Education seamlessly integrates with Savvas Realize™

myView/miVisión content on Realize seamlessly integrates with your Google Classroom™ LMS. Just click “Share with Google Classroom” and Realize will do the rest for you.




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Intervention & Differentiation


Options in Small Group time offer a wide range of activities to help meet the diverse needs of students related to their abilities, interests, and learning styles. To help striving students in New Mexico, myFocus Intervention is referenced within the Small Group pages as a Tier 2 solution.  These activities provide teachers with suggested reteaching activities for students in need of more support in skill practice and application. Every lesson includes an intervention activity. myFocus Intervention is integrated with myView Literacy. miEnfoque Intervención is integrated with miVisión Lectura.


myView Differentiation
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myView Literacy and miVisión Lectura include a wealth of assessment resources.

  • Available in print and digital formats.
  • Digital assessments are customizable and provide data for next-step instruction.
  • 3x per year Summative Assessments show progress in grade-level standards.
  • Using Data to drive instruction is easy! Everything you want to know about your students’ growth is a click away!
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Distance Learning Support


It is possible that New Mexico teachers and students could be relying on some form of distance learning, educators and parents alike are looking for ways to maximize student learning in a remote setting. Savvas has responded by developing new digital tools and instructional resources to save teachers time, as well as make distance learning simpler for students and families.


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Family Support


New Mexico Parents’ Corner

Savvas has a wealth of information to help parents every step of the way! We are here to support your student's academic growth.

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Parent User Guides


Check out the Savvas Realize Parent User Guide, which is available in the following languages:

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