Features and Benefits

Psychology 3rd Edition celebrates the fascinating field of psychology—its science, its history, its mysteries, its applications—by focusing on today’s students. This learner-centered approach encourages dialogue and recognizes the importance of active engagement inside and outside the classroom. The third edition of Psychology is uniquely integrated textbook with a media program that awakens students’ curiosity and energizes their desire to learn and succeed. 

  • A correlation grid aligned to the APA ’s National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula can be found in the student and teacher edition.

  • Chapter Opening Prologues are designed to capture student interest immediately. Taken from a case study or recent events in the news, these openers engage students in the material from the very start. The design truly captures students’ imagination and adds to the appeal of the chapter content.

  • Each module is structured around detailed Module  Goals and Learning Objectives based on APA recommendations. These goals and objectives, which correspond to the APA’s newest National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula, provide students and teachers with an overview of the major concepts and questions they will encounter. The phrasing of the learning objectives encourages students to think critically about key concepts.