Table of Contents

Hour 1. Coding Your First Project

Hour 2. Properties and Variables

Hour 3. Creating and Using Functions

Hour 4. Working with Parameters and Arguments

Hour 5. Conditional Structures

Hour 6. Debouncing and Debugging

Hour 7. while Loops

Hour 8. for Loops

Hour 9. Working with Arrays

Hour 10. Working with Dictionaries

Hour 11. Client Versus Server

Hour 12. Remote Events: One-Way Communication

Hour 13. Using ModuleScripts

Hour 14. Coding in 3D World Space

Hour 15. Smoothly Animating Objects

Hour 16. Solving Problems with Algorithms

Hour 17. Saving Data

Hour 18. Creating a Game Loop

Hour 19. Monetization: One-Time Purchases

Hour 20. Object-Oriented Programming

Hour 21. Inheritance

Hour 22. Raycasting

Hour 23. Plopping Objects in an Experience: Part 1

Hour 24. Plopping Objects in an Experience: Part 2