Features and Benefits

For courses in Introductory Statistics (algebra-based).

Describing the world through statistics

Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World makes statistics approachable with stepped-out instruction, extensive real-life examples and exercises, and a design that fits content to each page to make the material more digestible. Its combination of theory, teaching and learning aids, and design helps students understand concepts and use statistics to describe and think about the world.

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Hallmark features of this title:

  • Technology tips show how to use Minitab, Excel, the TI-84 Plus and StatCrunch® to solve a problem.
  • Chapter Technology Projects show how technology is used for large data sets or real-life questions.
  • Real Statistics-Real Decisions: Putting It All Together encourages students to think critically and make informed decisions about data. Exercises guide students from interpretation to drawing conclusions.
  • Representative range of authentic, accessible applications reflects the majors of students taking the course.
  • Chapter Case Studies use actual data and pose questions that illustrate important concepts.
  • Review and assessment features include Chapter Summary, Review Exercises, Quiz and Test for each chapter, plus Cumulative Reviews.

New and updated features of this title:

  • Updated "Where You've Been and Where You're Going" begins each chapter with a two-page visual description of a real-life problem. Where You've Been connects the chapter to topics learned in earlier chapters; Where You're Going overviews the chapter.
  • Updated "Uses and Abuses: Statistics in the Real World" discusses how statistical techniques should be used while cautioning about common abuses. Where appropriate, discussion includes ethics; exercises help students apply their knowledge.
  • Updated Study Strategies after each Chapter Summary in Chapters 1-10 help students improve their performance, with tips on improving reading skills, avoiding procrastination, test prep, taking notes and more.
  • New references to Co-Requisite Help margin notes at point-of-use locations throughout show students where to find review help in the Integrated Review in MyMathLab for School.
  • Revised Applet Activities throughout reflect changes to their corresponding online applets.
  • Updated material includes nearly 50% new or revised Examples, 40% new or revised Try It Yourself, 70% new or revised Picturing the World, over 30% new or revised Exercises, and many screen displays revised or replaced, for visual appeal and to reflect the most up-to-date versions of their software.

Features of  MyMathLab® for School  for the 8th Edition:

  • 30% new MyMathLab® for School items, including increased use of -T items that assume use of statistical software.
  • New and refreshed example and lecture videos are provided.
  • Updated accessible integrated review worksheets give students practice problems and instruction on key prerequisite content.
  • Mindset videos and assignable, open-ended exercises foster a growth mindset in students. This material encourages them to maintain a positive attitude about learning, value their own ability to grow, and view mistakes as learning opportunities, which is so often a hurdle for math students.
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