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Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis, and Service is a fully comprehensive text with in-depth coverage of ASE certification objectives. 

NEW TO THIS EDITION. Six new chapters have been added including:

  • Chapter 58 - Safety, Comfort, and Convenience Accessories
  • Chapter 59 - Security and Immobilizer Systems  
  • Chapter 61 -Autonomous Vehicles-Operation and Ser-vice Procedures
  • Chapter 64-Air Management System  
  • Two new chapters were added under the hybrid vehicle section titled Hybrid High-Voltage Batteries (Chapter 92) and Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Chapter 93).
  • The chapter on power steering was expanded and then split into two chapters: Hydraulic Power Steering Systems (Chapter 122) and Electric Power Steering Systems (Chapter 123).
  • A new chapter titled Vibration and Noise Diagnosis and Correction (Chapter 132) was added in response to instructor requests.
  • Over 200 new full-color photos and line drawings to make the subject come alive.
  • Updated throughout and correlated to the latest ASE tasks.  New Case Studies included in this edition covering the “three Cs” (Complaint, Cause, and Correction).
  • New OSHA hazardous chemical labeling requirements added to Chapter 7.
  • New content on three-legged and low-profile fuses, plus smart junction boxes, added to Chapter 44.
  • The chapter on brake principles (Chapter 97) has been expanded to include the details on brake friction materials, which are now in one location, instead of being repeated in the drum and disc brake chapters.
  • Qualifying brake lathe information added to chapter 108.  Additional content on snap-in and clamp-on TPMS sensors, plus updated relearn procedures, in chapter 114.
  • Additional content on various wheel-weight material, plus wheel-flange information, added to the totally updated Chapter 115.
  • Many new review and chapter quiz questions align to the new and updated content in each chapter.

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